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Window treatments, curtains, draperies, valances & panels can create or break a space when it goes to enunciating final adjustments and could be a substantial investment to last several months. To assist you pick the finest kinds of window treatments or draperies for any space, our designers collected a manual to highlight the kinds of window treatment, valances & panels curtains concepts to assist you design your dream space while maintaining the finest feature and style for you.

Uncover unlimited suggestions to guide you from contemporary curtains & draperies to a little more classical window treatment and panels.

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You can depend on our expertise, competence and capabilities as our customer for assured fulfillment, unparalleled customer satisfaction and exceptional performance.

With our dedication to achievement, we pledge: incomparable expertise and client service: our team offers only the finest solutions for your curtains & draperies with almost four centuries in the company experience in draperies sector.

About us

Our freshly launched Galaxy Design window treatments centered in New Jersey, were established nearly 40 years earlier by Steve Messri & Anat Messri with the mission to design, construct and retain the finest window solutions in the region. We have developed tailored coverings for almost 40 years, ranging from retractable draperies, valances & panels for allover USA to electric shades for celebrity lofts in all other states.

Our Promise 

You can depend on our knowledge, professionalism and skills as our customer for assured fulfillment, unparalleled customer service and excellent outcomes.

With our dedication to excellence, we promise: unrivaled expertise and client service: our team offers only the finest treatments for your windows and only the finest service for you and your home.

Quality workmanship 

with licensed advisors: our fully insured full-time employees completes all our facilities, not subcontractors. You can rest ensured that with the utmost professionalism and care your window treatments will be chosen and they will give you utmost precious advice or your draperies, valance & panel selection.

Exceptional outcomes: 

Our team operates tightly with each of our customers to help you carefully select the finest window treatments & curtains for your house, the correct equipment for the work, and the ideal equipment to ensure top performance.

If you’ve been searching for a classical touch, our interior designers propose you go for unique window treatments as they’re worth the time and effort and you’ll be free to set up with a skilled drapery consultant who would provide you with the confidence to offer the finest design.


New Jersey

About New Jersey

New Jersey is the country’s most widely inhabited state (ok, we all knew one) with an approximately 525 diners, New Jersey is regarded the country’s “Diner Capital.” Atlantic City is the world’s largest boardwalk.

New Jersey, with some 130 miles of Atlantic coast, is a northwestern U.S. state. Jersey City, across Lower Manhattan’s Hudson River, is the location of Liberty State Park, where boats board the neighboring Ellis Island with its historic Museum of Immigration and the iconic Statue of Liberty. The shore of Jersey involves important resort towns such as the historic Asbury Park and Cape May with its conserved Vic.

New Jersey’s nickname as “The Garden State” honors its ample supply of farming and small farms, but gardening is just one part of the state’s crowning achievement. Although the “Garden State” is renowned for maize, vegetables and blueberries, it may be easier to define the reality that we consume “well” by the delightful flavor and comfort of our delicacies than by their dietary significance. New Jersey is the World’s “Diner Capital” and home to the famous Pork Roll “Taylor Ham.”

New Jersey has more than 50 resort towns and cities, many of the most popular places, Asbury Park, Wildwood, Atlantic City, Cape May, Seaside Heights. New Jersey is the nation’s biggest chemical generating state and a major manufacturing state. It is also known for a very long list of historians, cultural celebrities and one of the world’s most famous holiday places.

New Jersey has been one of the country’s most stereotypical nations. The common view is that it is the U.S. arm, but those who genuinely spent significant time there understand how much to treasure it. Jersey is fairly suburban, rural, and urban, blending Pennsylvania’s rustic charm with New York City’s liveliness. It’s a place where you might live out your nightclub-rat dreams, eat 3 am meals, walk part of the Appalachian Trail, and enjoy live music in the ancient hometown of The Boss. These are the finest stuff to catch, see, and do in New Jersey, from a construction-themed amusement park to an abandoned village in the midst the forest.

New Jersey has performed a crucial position in U.S. history, particularly as far as the American civil war is concerned.

New Jersey, throughout its life as a hub for fast-tech industry and innovation. Initially established by Native Americans, New Jersey greeted the influx of immigrants to Asians and Latin Americans today from the Dutch and English in the 1600s