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Let’s find more about Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a town in the Midwestern state of Michigan south of Detroit. It is home to Michigan’s widespread University, recognized for its study programs. The Michigan Museum of Art at the University of Michigan exhibits art from around the globe over the decades. The city’s science-focused sights include the Museum of Natural History and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum.

Recognized as an urban oasis of recreational possibilities, Ann Arbor provides both large town sights and natural regions to explore with picturesque paths. Local activities and celebrations can be enjoyed at any moment of the year. Urban explorers can kick back and rest in the center of an independent bookstore or find the secret gates of the fairy sprinkled across the town. Whether you’re going to walk along the Huron River or meet the raging crowd at The Big House on Saturday morning, you’ve been treated by Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor is Southeast Michigan’s humble yet sophisticated slice; full of art, culture, history, great restaurants and great entertainment, this city is swelling with opportunistic adventure. Strolling roads packed with quaint restaurants and eclectic stores, catching an indie film at the autonomous theater or attending a soccer match at the country’s biggest (and second-largest) stadium. Home to the prestigious Michigan University, the dignified yet dainty downtown of this city is full of distinctive stores, quality hotels, lovely dive bars and much more to explore. Here’s the top ten locations to begin.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a fantastic weekend resort, home to excellent museums, lovely parks, sporting activities, and a vibrant arts scene. The town is well recognized for its lovely town center offering a variety of hotels, stores and cafes. The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History and the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum are some of the best things to do with children in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Apart from massive recreational and tourist laden places, Anne Arbor is now a home to Galaxy Design a pioneer & provider of best curtains & luxury window treatments in Michigan.

About Us

We at Galaxy design provide the Best curtains that are chosen from products produced from high-quality fabrics with elegant and luxurious designs and colors that are constantly evolving and altering depending on the expertise and experience that we have acquired in the service that we have been doing for many years. Our over 40 years’ experience shines in our products and that allows our prestigious customers to discover the variety with the color and layout they wish to get.

Another characteristic of our best curtains is the existence of manual, classic, contemporary, easy, electric curtains and many more varieties that we provide in Ann Arbor area, MI that is making us the favored establishment in the region we serve our curtains.

Our Uniqueness

In order to reflect your soul and style, it is necessary to give decoration alternatives appropriate for every location and every window type. That’s what makes us unique from others.

Our mission 

Our main goal is to provide a quality product that fts your need and also look good in your home. It will reflect you design and style.

100% Compliance warranty

Why? Because Galaxy Design window treatment & curtains should make you happy.

We want to be proud of our clients ‘ drapery. In any space, drapes are a significant highlight, and we want our clients to enjoy what they see every day.

If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your custom drapery. Call us at 866-215-3173 for more data. We’re going to assist you with your issue.

We specialize in custom designs that match advanced architectural types. See below for amazement our elegant drapery packages.

Our Curtains & drapery packages can be tailored to suit every window type and size, giving you the perfect home design and impressing your peers. You can customize all drapery packages to suit your space or window requirements. We can cater for any type of window you have, don’t fear that only for you we have advanced drapes.

Check out with our drapes & curtains below the before and after layout and how the view of a space is complete and perfect.

The method

Here’s how it works

Go to our website and search in these easy steps below our advanced drapery sets on our website. There you will find our fantastic packages, take a look at them and choose what you like.

• Select the one you want and then schedule a free meeting on phone.

• One of our friendly designers will be calling you to inquire about your vision and your home style. Suggest drapery ideas to enhance your home design style.                                             

• During the call, your designer will look at your windows and furniture and show designs, materials and facilities that suit your style.

• The perfect elegant drapery set will be intended together for your home.

• Provide your fabric choices with hardware shades and dimensions and give a quote and place your order.

• When your sophisticated drapery package is finished. With easy installation rules, your kit comes at home for you to follow step by step.

• Before you know it, you’ll have the party you’ve been waiting for with your friends and friends.

what are you waiting for, you can get the best curtains & window coverings at Galaxy Design Ann Arbor, Michigan by clicking here to see an incredible selection of draperies and fabrics along with lovely machinery.

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We provide various transport and distribution methods across Michigan state.

We’ll do all the heavy sticking so you don’t have to worry about lifting your finger; we’ll choose the therapy you need for your window. Just give us an advisory call.

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