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About City

Savannah is one of our favorite towns in the US, one we’re going to maintain coming back to for years and centuries to come–and with so many amazing stuff to do in Savannah, is that any surprise?

However, it’s not just that there’s so much to do: Savannah has its own atmosphere.

Part antebellum beauty and part cultural enclave (it is said that Savannah College of Art and Design offers some of the finest art and design courses in the United States), Savannah is a delightful mixture of traditional and creative.

Being one of the initial 13 colonies and the oldest city in Georgia, having the second biggest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the United States, birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scout, Historical Sites of Revolution and Civil War, Antebellum Architecture, Savannah River Port, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Savannah, a town on the coast of Georgia, is divided by the Savannah River from South Carolina. It is renowned for manicured parks, cars drawn by horses and architecture of antebellum. Its historic district is packed with cobblestone streets and parks like Forsyth Park, shaded by Spanish-mossed oak forests. The Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist is at the middle of this scenic area.

Savannah is the earliest town in Georgia’s U.S. country and is Chatham County’s county capital. Established on the Savannah River in 1733, Savannah City became the Province of Georgia’s British colonial capital and subsequently Georgia’s first state capital.

With wealthy soil and favorable environment, as plantations and slavery became extremely lucrative schemes, Savannah and its adjacent territory became home to cotton and rice fields. And the cotton gin creation on a neighboring plantation implied that Charleston was rivaled by the town as a commercial port. Adding to all that amazing atmosphere, we Galaxy Design Elegant draperies are at your doorstep.

Why we need curtains?

To make our interiors look interesting, care should be taken to arrange them properly. Well thought out solutions will allow you to create rooms that will become not only cozy, but also functional for the household. The decoration of any interior can be meticulously selected curtains. Thanks to the multitude of available patterns and textures, luxury draperies & curtains from Galaxy Design that will make each room take on an individual style.

We offer for individual customers and companies luxury draperies for window decor – such as motorized curtains, blinds and draperies, as well as hardware and other items related to window treatments interior decoration.

The vast majority of our range is high-quality luxury curtain packages. We provide to clients in the USA and abroad.

Customer satisfaction

Is our motto and that is why we are constantly working on improving the quality of services so that everyone is aware that it is the most important for us and that their needs are taken into account and made in accordance with his individual expectations.

Numerous positive comments testify that we fully deserve the trust of our customers who come back to us for shopping again.

Thank you for your interest in our offer and we invite you to shop or schedule a consultation with our professional team.

Customized curtains

There is no more beautiful window decoration kit than customized curtains – in one set, perfectly matched! We are pleased to offer such curtains in our offer. These suggestions that we present here are really impressive, and will make even greater when they hang in the selected room to enjoy their charm and functionality. Above all you can customize according to your window type, size and style.

Galaxy Design Elegant Curtains – a remarkable choice!

To make yourself a comprehensive and beautiful solution, thanks to which the home decor will be tailor-made for royal palaces – although in a modern style, it is really worth paying attention to the curtains presented in a wide range of colors, patterns and dimensions. We are convinced that everyone, even the most demanding customers will find among them something most suitable for themselves and tailored to their taste.

Our urbane & chic curtains can be tailored for every sort and size of window, providing you with the ideal house layout and impressing your colleagues. You can customize all drapery packages according to the demands of your room or window. We can cater for any type of window you’ve got, don’t worry we’ve got classy curtains just for you.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our curtain & window treatments.