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Luxury Curtains and Drapery Packages

Curtains and drapes are the primary focus of our operation. Both Luxury drapery packages and customized curtains are available. We also carry out activities concerning the construction and sewing of clothes to size in order to ensure the greatest value of facilities. We have added consultation so that our professional advisors can help you choose & simplify the order handling as much as appropriate. You will also discover fashionable and stylish items among the Galaxy Design’s collection that will readily emphasize any room’s character. Whether you want to alter one space or the entire apartment’s interior, we’re sure our curtains & draperies will execute your project in full accordance with your requirements.

Are you interested in contemporary curtains, drapes or blinds that will alter your room’s face? You have arrived at the correct location. With their initial colors and layout, modern clothes provided surprise in our shop. We are a sector leader and derive thoughts and inspiration from our customers ‘ requirements and from a market that is constantly evolving. For many years, we have been running large-scale retail operations in California, Now, we are proud to announce Kingsland our new servicing location, which makes the prices of fabrics and fabrics provided highly appealing.

Taking care of our clients ‘ comfort, the store’s inventory was split into particular parts, making it fast and simple to find the ideal item. Check out our distinctive offer today and see how much at an appealing cost we can give you!

Decorative or straightforward?

Classic and smooth or colorful? Or perhaps multilayer rather than a single fabric?

The selection of curtains can be dizzy at the moment: we propose how to locate yourself in the labyrinth of designs accessible, concentrating on brief windows. We split the list to represent multiple cost thresholds, pattern kinds and colors, and the fabric used. For, that we provide you with Free consultation facility. Where you can consult with our advisors and deal with your curtain selection process.

Hurry up and call us for more information today at 866-215-3173.

Classic and sophisticated curtains However, mildly conservative curtains in this category provide a big dose of aesthetic safety margin, making them appropriate for different structures and spaces.

Our urbane & chic curtains can be tailored for every sort and size of window, providing you with the ideal house layout and impressing your colleagues. You can customize all drapery packages according to the demands of your room or window. We can cater for any type of window you’ve got; don’t worry we’ve got classy curtains just for you.

Check out below the before and after design and how the perspective of a room is full and ideal with our curtain & window treatments.

About City

Kingsland, Georgia is a town on the state’s extreme southwest corner, in Camden County close to both the Florida frontier and the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can walk through the historic center of Kingsland or see other man-made and natural Kingsland sights: the St. Marys’ Submarine Museum; the untamed Cumberland Island; the similarly wild Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge; and the Crooked River State Park covered by Spanish-mousse.

Kingsland is a town in the county of Camden, Georgia, USA. At the 2010 census, the population was 15,946. The Commercial Historic District of Kingsland was named to the Historic Places National Register on March 17, 1994. It involves the region between King Street and William Street comprising South Lee Street.

At the junction of Interstate 95 and Hwy 40, the Kingsland Welcome Center is situated at 1190 East Boone. Stop in and see why we enjoy Kingsland; where the meandering streams wind through thick marshlands, where difficult golf silently lies between tidal creeks and marsh vegetation, and where river banks and ponds are full of wildlife. Explore the abundant nature of this place. Walk on the beach with wild horses and appreciate nature and wildlife’s real beauty as you experience Cumberland Island’s magic. Or, on a guided boat ride through the Okefenokee Swamp, glide through sleeping alligators and indigenous birds.

Kingsland Historic Depot & Love town, USA Exhibit: In addition to its status as’ Love town, USA Headquarters,’ the Kingsland Historic Depot, which opened its doors to the public in May 2012, is the new home for the Kingsland Downtown Development Authority, the Historic Kingsland Downtown District Hospital and the Okefenokee Trail Headquarters.

Laurel Island Links Golf Course or Golf Club Trident Lakes: Tee it up and let it float at two of the area’s local year-round resorts.

National Wildlife Refuge Okefenokee: Also recognized as the Trembling Earth Land, this is a region not to be missed. Swamp ship trips will take you into the wild — you might even see one or two gators.

Cumberland Island National Seashore: The isolated white sandy beaches, wild horses, historic ruins and a glimpse of the Carnegie lifestyles of the past are more than 17 miles away.

St. Marys’ Submarine Museum: This museum, the biggest of its kind in the South, contains the submarine heritage and the history of its ships. An operating periscope provides you with a bird’s eye perspective of the waterfront region of Kingsland.

Up the Creek expeditions: Experience stand-up paddle boarding for the first moment during kayaking journeys through central Georgia and Florida rivers. Charters, picturesque boats and scuba fishing: diving and no Galaxy Design elegant curtains in your neighborhood contributes to the area’s enjoyment and fills your days with pleasure.