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Also recognized as South’s Hollywood, Covington, GA has become a mecca for the film and television sector.

Covington is a town and county seat situated 35 miles north of Atlanta, Newton County, Georgia. The population of the 2010 Census was 13,118.

Downtown Covington has developed into a vibrant downtown area, a source of community pride. It has a distinctive mix of experiences in shopping and dining that delights both inhabitants and tourists. The lovely historic houses in downtown are focused on the Square Park’s green oasis, where fantastic performances and society activities are held throughout the year on many times. In 2017, Southern Living Magazine appointed Downtown Covington one of the Prettiest Small Towns in Georgia, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution readers selected Best Town Square in Atlanta in 2018. Downtown Covington, referred to as “The Hollywood of the South,” has remained a beautiful backdrop to date for more than 100 films and TV shows such as “The Vampire Diaries,” “In the Heat of the Night,” “Dukes of Hazzard,” and many more.

Locally owned boutiques, antique shops and restaurants in the flourishing downtown area. During the Civil War, several antebellum structures were spared from Sherman’s March to the Sea settled by European immigrants in 1822. The Newton County Courthouse, mentioned on the National Register of Historic Places, is the most iconic building of the area.

Even though this is your first visit to Covington, Georgia, the region may look familiar as it was the filming location for several TV shows, such as “In the Heat of the Night” and “The Dukes of Hazzard.” The city also hosted the cast and crew of a handful of major movie pictures. You will discover no shortage of operations and sights if you visit this renowned town with your family.

If you’re traveling to Augusta, GA and spending time stopping and/or staying in Covington, GA. The following list of must-see sights will make your Covington experience unforgettable. If you’re staying in a hotel, with a friend, or just stopping through town, take the time to visit the Welcome Center right off the square for your chance to see memorabilia from your favorite shows like: “In the Heat of the Night,” “Dukes of Hazzard,” and don’t forget The Vampire Diaries.

Next destination is Covington Square, not just by touring the renowned Clock Tower you can move “Back to the Future,” but you can also dine at Mystic Grill to solve your Vampire Diaries. Take a delightful baked good and coffee at Bread & Butter as you travel through the plaza. Then take time to collect an ice cream scoop from the square’s cutest ice cream store, Scoops. Burn by shopping a few calories. Grab the wonderful scents of The Soap Box with delightful tasting soaps, bath bombs, and more to relax, refresh, and recharge. When your are done with these entertaining attractions ,you can visit Galaxy Design elegant curtains & drapes

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One of the products we offer are curtains, valance, blinds & draperies whose primary job is to decorate the window while allowing sensitive sunlight inside. We give customized designs-the convenience of hanging on a curtain rod is their benefit. The product thickness is precise, so you can readily calculate which distances between the frogs should be maintained. If you don’t like these components that are used to hang clothes, placed on prepared designs with less noticeable braces to make them more aesthetic. There are practical grommets in some of the window curtains accessible with us. Their benefit is that the item is incredibly easy to place on the curtain rod.

You’ll also discover curtains in our collection. You can purchase them either prepared or customize them as well.

Choosing an appropriate drapery is affected not only by the fabric, blackout characteristics, or the manner a curtain rod hangs, but also by the image. You can readily discover a blind model in our collection that matches your concept of structure. We’ve designed curtains that match contemporary interiors with a minimalist layout. The string ties we have not missed-they will add an exciting personality to the decor. If you want to bring a tired scheme to life, bring on patterned cloth fabrics.

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