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Do you think you understand Augusta’s true? We’ve got some questions for you. Augusta is a historic town with a new fresh atmosphere. Yes, we’re traditional, we’re golf, we’re manicured lawns and azaleas. We are also funky music, state-of – the-art and theater for improv. We are concerts for the family, outdoor entertainment and quirky bistro. We’re kayaking and baseball, we’re art and music and history. We’re more than you’ve ever thought.

There are many methods to get to Augusta’s core. Learn where the old will meet with the new and where tradition will meet tomorrow. Walk along our tree-lined roads, walk along the river Savannah or see the town from the water. Through our meals, you will discover a lot about us, from traditional Southern cuisine to New American, regional meals as you spend your time over home-based or high-style meals.

Most of the year we have good weather, so getting out and playing is simple. Explore the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area or the paths and opinions along the Riverwalk by taking benefit of the lengthy, lazy winters. We have lovely friends who share our outdoor love, so be sure to check out the F.A.T.S. mountain bicycle paths, ponds and parks meandering from Georgia to South Carolina and back.

To know about the renowned figures and everyday individuals who helped form our past, visit our history museums and conserved places. To see how the past is giving way to a future of creative art, music and execution, visit historic downtown Augusta.

Spend some time getting to understand us and the wealthy and diverse tales we have to inform you will be amazing.

Augusta is a Georgian town close the boundary of South Carolina. The History Museum of Augusta involves displays on James Brown, a golf and soul singer. The Savannah River passes along the Augusta Riverwalk. The Morris Museum of Art is devoted to American South art in the surrounding area. President Woodrow Wilson’s Boyhood Home portrays the 28th president’s early childhood. Trails cover the Augusta Canal 1845 length.

Augusta, GA, is renowned for its Southern charm, elegant antebellum palaces and many parks. Visiting Augusta is a relaxing walk through elegant tree-lined avenues, visiting great museums and galleries, and enjoying famous Southern food. The town is also renowned as a biotechnology, medicine, and cyber security hub.

Augusta is best known internationally for hosting the Masters golf tournament every spring. The Masters draws to the Augusta National Golf Club more than 200,000 tourists from around the globe. Augusta National membership is commonly regarded as the most exclusive golf sport in the globe.

GD window treatments Solution

Care should be done to organize them correctly in order to make our surroundings feel exciting. Well thought-out alternatives will enable you to build spaces that will be convenient for the family as well as comfortable. Curtains & window treatments can be carefully chosen for the decoration of any interior. Ready furnishings will create each space take on an individual style thanks to the variety of designs and textures accessible.

Galaxy Design window treatments is our way to make your curtain & drapery shopping fast and easy!

We at Galaxy Design from start-up to the biggest window treatment provider platform. We have existed since, 40 years, we have the same objective right from the start-the pleasure of window treatments and providing our customer 100% satisfaction. We save time, we offer comfort, the USA network’s biggest range of window treatment products. We’re altering the life of people for the better. It provides us tremendous satisfaction The Galaxy Design curtain & drapery platform has earned the industry and your confidence over the previous 40 years, and you-our constant compassion.

What We Provide:

Our window treatments will bring warmth and convenience to any space in your house, whether they are opaque or not.

Customized drapery packages

Our custom-made curtain packages service allows you to discover the most advantageous alternative for your window and decoration sort.


Draperies provides occupants with privacy, while set boards contribute to your window character. A thousand and one fabric choices are accessible: each has a distinct impact. We’ll find the one you’re going to please.

Sheer curtains

Very trendy now, the fabric is light and translucent. It may look like a light-fabrics like natural linen, or as an organza, thin and light. It’s used alone as in a curtain system. Its mere existence in a space contributes texture and motion, creating an enjoyable atmosphere while allowing natural light.


The primary role of the valances, is to conceal the top of the shield. They are a versatile decorative element in addition to this functional aspect and bring a chic touch full of finesse to the room.

We have knowledge and installation methods that are very uncommon today, in relation to getting a broad range of options. We will recommend you on more classic or modern designs depending on the design.