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Wesley Chapel is a location designated by unincorporated census in Pasco County, Florida, USA. It is component of the metro station of Tampa Bay Area. At the 2010 census, the population was 44,092. Some Wesley Chapel inhabitants began a motion to integrate the society in 2003. The county has many parks and outdoor regions, and there are quite common outdoor sports events.

Saddlebrook is one of Wesley Chapel’s luxurious societies where the Saddlebrook Resort and Spa are located. The globally renowned Harry Hopman Tennis Academy is located inside the resort, offering various coaching programs for varying ages and skill concentrations. Golf is another favorite sport in Wesley Chapel, with the Lexington Oaks Golf Club being the greatest location to reach the green.

About an hour ride from Wesley Chapel is this one-of – a-kind bird sanctuary devoted to all kinds of parrots. The sanctuary provides parrots with a safe home to enable them to live their life comfortably. Most pet parrots generally survive their owners, and they will be cared for in this sanctuary. Learn more about our feathered friends ‘ life during the trip, or you can join the volunteer program if you have more time on your hands.

Florida has lovely natural resources, most of which can be seen throughout the state in the many nature preserves and parks. Hardcore adventurers may enjoy off-road biking or hiking, but paved biking in Flatwoods Park is the finest choice for those who want leisure operations.

You’re up for a distinct kind of adventure after a day of pampering-one that helps you float big? Then American balloons are correct for you in Land O’Lakes. Since 1998, this firm has been operating hot air balloons in the Florida area of East Pasco and Northern Hillsborough. They have four hot air balloons used for trips, each serving organizations of varying dimensions, with up to 10 adolescents holding their biggest balloon.

Hear and listen to Wesley Chapel’s call! If you are looking for curtains, custom draperies & window treatments visit Galaxy Design for diverse choices that are available on our website.

About Us

Curtains are the final touch up for any decorating home. They seem to be trivial, but they are like a magic wand that makes everything take its final form and they have to be stylish. With almost 40-year experience Galaxy design is a drapery & curtain provider with the aim of quality over quantity in mind.

Galaxy Design which is the new address of elegance and design, serves you in Florida state cities such as Wesley Chapel. Curtain & custom draperies orders are delivered to the address and our company advisors call you at your house takes measurements, serve according to your wishes and design style. Just give us the call to start your own customized project.

We’ll give you a call and schedule your consultation in no time. We help you to take measurements as you wish and select the patterns you want. Galaxy Design custom draperies & curtains add elegance to your home with your desired color and pattern options. We deliver you the samples. We advise you about your window treatments & custom drapery packages according to your budget and you decide.


Curtain types we offer

Our curtain types are unlimited. Variety varies depending on the space used and the window size. Our varieties are as follows:

Custom draperies: These curtains are available in various colors and are renowned for their durability and customization. They can be customized according to your choice and window type and we guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction. Moreover, It’s the most stylish, easy to use and easy to clean curtain type of recent times. 

Motorized curtains: It is the type of curtain that has motor control it can be used for years. It has opening and closing system with remote control. Recently, it has been used frequently in homes, especially in sunshade duties, and now it is a great opportunity to eliminate the stack of old enough sunshades or curtains as it works with just one click of button, these types of curtains are in trend now.

Roller blinds: It is named as roller blinds because it consists of plain piece of fabric that roles upward on rod and these rods are in horizontal lines. Especially used in kitchen and balcony windows.

Drapery packages: They can be used in homes; formal spaces and they have a variety of options. These can be listed as: modern home drapes, classic home drapes, living room drapes, double-breasted drapes, bedroom drapes, children’s room drapes and many more. Drapery package models used in more luxurious waterside-style houses or palaces.