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Destin is renowned for what?

Its white beaches and emerald green waters on Florida’s Emerald Coast. It is now a famous tourist destination, originating as a tiny fishing village. … The town itself styles “The Luckiest Fishing Village in the World” and claims to have Florida’s biggest fishing vessel fleet.

Origin of Destin’s Beautiful White Sand The distinctive beach sand in the Destin region is one of the most homogeneous and white sand in the globe. In a method comprising the Appalachian Mountains and the Apalachicola River 20,000 years earlier, this sand consisted of tiny glass droplets.

Most tourists come to the beach here. The beautiful white sand competes farther north with those at other locations in Florida. However, if you remain on the beach, the other sights will lose you. Swim in the Gulf’s hot sparkling waters, spin on the world-class golf courses or throw a line off a pier or ship. The exercise will only assist you achieve more recognition for the natural splendor of Destin.

  • Parasailing We strongly advise it if you have never been parasailing. Everyone enjoys it and it’s another excellent way to see the beach and ocean differently. With how transparent the water is in Destin we bet you can see some bottlenose dolphins or sting rays in the water while you’re there!

  • Kayaking You can hire kayaks for 1 or 2 seats to discover the harbor and bay, and even paddle to Crab Island if you’re up for it!

  • Indian Mound Museum Would you like to know about the area’s history? Then check out the Indian Mound Museum where you can find out about the indigenous Americans who resided in the region and see a range of artifacts discovered here.

  • The bowling region provides you the feeling of being submerged–it’s an underwater experience from the sights and sounds!

  • Big Kahuna’s Water Park Check out Big Kahuna’s waterpark if you’re traveling in the summer sun and searching for a water park to cool off!

If you’re in the market for window treatment, valances & panels in Destin, Florida for your home or office, be sure to check out Galaxy Design!

Why window treatments are important

Window treatments are a very important category for people and every person needs curtains, valances & panels. The curtains, valances & panels, which are important from the decoration in the house to the aesthetic appearance, completely changes the aura of the house. Every person can decorate in the way he wants and he can give the order he wants to fit his belongings in the house. 

About Us

At Galaxy Design, we provide services for window treatments, valances & panels all over USA exclusively providing in Destin Florida. Since the first day, our mission is to provide services based on customer satisfaction regardless of which style of production is desired. 

Although we have given weight to the region, we do mass production in accordance with each state in USA. With years of experience in curtains, we never mislead our customers.

There are different curtain models according to the places. The same curtain does not suit every window or wall color. At Galaxy Design, we first come and make discoveries in order to make production suitable for all your needs and then we take the necessary steps to complete the curtain with the joint decision we will take in the fastest way.  Galaxy Design Destin, FL elegant draperies is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about curtains because we have served most of the residences in Destin area, Florida. As a result of the satisfaction of our customers and their advice, our number of customers is increasing day by day and we are honored to serve each new customer. 

Why you should choose us

We provide valances, Panels, Roller blinds, curtains as a result of our service as a master; not only in the window part of the space but also create a design that dazzles the eyes.

At Galaxy design we would like to state that we help to overcome the problems of wall or window in the house or space thanks to our professional works. 

We take pride in which we provide services for our customers to reach decoration more quickly with the fastest solutions and alternatives, can reach us at any time in communication, we are a company that has developed itself in emergency situations or curtain service that needs to be raised. 

We have carried out professional studies on the speed of our services in the region. We strive to add color to homes and spaces by using all technologies in order to have magnificent decorations by keeping the aesthetic appearance in the foreground.

We prioritize our customers

We think word of the mouth marketing suits us best as our clients will inform their friends and family about our beautiful and elegant draperies if we make our clients happy. We think our best investment is satisfied clients. We also know the reluctance to make a custom buy online. Therefore, on all our window treatments, we give the industry’s greatest guarantee. You can buy with full trust.

We specialize in custom designs that match elegant design styles. Check out our elegant drapery packages below to be in awe.

Our Destin, FL elegant drapery packages can be customized for every window type and size and provide you the perfect design for your home and impress your friends. You can customize the whole drapery packages according to your house or window requirements. We can cater any window type you have, Fear not we have elegant drapes just designed for you.

Check out below the before and after layout and how our drapes & curtain makes a room’s outlook complete and perfect.

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