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About City

Santa Monica is south of downtown Los Angeles, a coastal town. Fringed by Palisades Park, Santa Monica Beach offers views of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific Park, historic Lwoff Hippodrome Carousel and Santa Monica Pier Aquarium are home to Santa Monica Pier. Muscle Beach, an outdoor gym set up in the 1930s, is next to the pier. Bergamot Station houses a number of art galleries in the city center.

With plenty of attractions, Santa Monica is the perfect beach town. Santa Monica manages the ideal balance of seaside charm and coastal sophistication more so than adjacent Malibu or Venice Beach. This makes it an appealing place for transport. You’ll discover Santa Monica to be very walkable at just 8.3 square miles, but with a laid-back warmth.

Santa Monica’s beaches, clubs and restaurants are well known. The beaches must be the first and foremost answer. There’s no real reason to go to Santa Monica we know you won’t go to the beaches and enjoy the water, wind, sand, and vibe. Probably the Pier is Santa Monica’s second reason.

The lengthy, broad expanse of Santa Monica Beach is differentiated by the pure magnitude of operations one can experience from other Southern California shores. Sand and ocean are both smooth and lovely, allowing beachcombing, swimming and surfing to some degree-A. That’s not all, though. Bike down the Marvin Braude Bike Trail, with the wind behind you and the waves crashing in your ears, indulge in some seaside chess, try your hand at a beach volleyball game, or stop to enjoy the outdoor activities at the Annenberg Community Beach House. Stick around for the best attraction of all of Santa Monica after a day out— a fiery sunrise on the beach.

Great sales and designer threads are always within reach with various walkable shopping areas. Whether you prefer brands of name or global couture, this is where you will find it. But where shopping in Santa Monica really shines, there are autonomous boutiques that represent the casually advanced fashion of the city.

More than 75 museums and art galleries are located in Santa Monica; this is clearly a city that embraces art and culture. The abundance of public art and sculpture, as well as street performers, demonstrates that not even all of Santa Monica’s art is closed into four walls.

Keep around past sunset and you will find the changes and shifts in the city. Locals from all over LA head to Santa Monica, where the mixture of walkable and informal makes a pleasant night whatever the opportunity.

About us

Welcome to the Galaxy Design Curtains in Santa Monica, California. In fact, we know absolutely everything about all types of curtains from contemporary to classic; therefore, we say with confidence: you will surely find a unique model with us that will enable you to transform your personal space beyond recognition. Down with the normal alternatives that any industry has bought! We stand for originality in everything because we sew such garments individually for you that you will never see in other people.

Customized curtains

At Galaxy Design, we sell ready-made curtains and carry out individual orders, so there is always a huge selection of accessories and hardware available. Traditionally, they include: hooks, often compared to a belt. Originally, you can solve portion of the curtain with their assistance or organize access to an open window; eyelets, which is appropriate for establishing vertical folds on the wall by means of metal chains.

Drapery Hardware

We have three collections of hardware called Gem, Crystal & Classic. Look at them on our page and discover one that’s ideal for treating your window.

As you can see, buying ready-made custom curtains from us or ordering an original project production is quite simple. Do not postpone such an opportunity for joy that we can offer you later-Galaxy Design’s professional employees are waiting for you!

Check out below the before and after layout and how our drapes & curtain makes a room’s outlook complete and perfect.

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