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About City

San Diego is a town renowned for its beaches, parks and hot climate on California’s Pacific coast. The location of the famous San Diego Zoo, as well as countless art galleries, artist studios, museums and parks, is Immense Balboa Park. A profound harbor, with the USS Midway, an aircraft-carrier-turned-museum, accessible to the public, is home to a big operational naval fleet.

San Diego is one of the most frequented tourist spots in the country, and for excellent reason: it is an oceanfront town with almost perfect climate all year round. If you stay here long enough, you’re supposed to get out-of-towners clamoring to capitalize on America’s Finest City from less lucky climates. You owe it to those tourists (and indeed to yourself) to balance well-worn monuments with the lesser-known cultural options— the restaurants, breweries, museums, and quirky events— that create this town tick.

Also renowned for alternative sports like skateboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross. San Diego is commonly regarded as “America’s Finest City.” Renowned for its miles and miles of white-sand beaches and wonderful climate, the town provides plenty of pleasant spots for tourists of all ages.

San Diego has many distinctive and exciting hidden places that may be unfamiliar to the general population, but worth exploring. Are there any munchkin buildings really there? What occurred to that turd-like sculpture? What neighborhoods do footbridges connect? Is there really a music-playing bridge?

San Diego is not a walking town inherently. Suburban sprawl aside, even in the metropolitan areas of the city, walking in a straight row from one region to another is often stymied by the reality that the topography of San Diego is made up of canyons that cut off one road from another. One alternative in the ancient days was to cross neighborhood by footbridges together— literally.

Millions of tourists create their way into Old Town State Historic Park every year to bring in the tourist attractions and play, but not all of them make it beyond Old Town’s meals and margaritas. But because there is a distinctive and picturesque park just blocks back from crowded San Diego Ave. in Old Town: Victorian Village Heritage Park.

If you’re an art freak, you’ve probably seen the public work of Nikki de Saint Phalle, often on display in San Diego, with two of her pieces in front of the Mingei Museum. Her whimsical paintings, with vivid colors and mosaic or mirror tiles, often depict animal / human features. It is called the Magical Circle Garden of Queen Califia, influenced by the mythical, historical, and cultural origins of California.

Amongst all the hustle bustle of this amazing city, we are here, Galaxy design, a provider of draperies & window treatments.

What we do

Using drapes and window treatments is the most charming and easy way to transform your space, just let the sun in and show the viewpoint. You can include another element by creating a window a focus point. Consider the view you need to accomplish before choosing which windows will be the best choice. The style you choose relies on the type of window, the quantity of light you want, the viewpoint, and the type of furniture, and while you do that keep in mind that by providing custom drapery supplies, we are here to create your lives simple. With the experience of over 4o years we consider ourselves expert in window treatments & draperies.

Our custom drapery packages give many custom drapes choices that go hand in side with countless advantages: custom draperies allow you to be inspired by house decoration and show off your unique design. Locally bought, ready-made drapes limit your window treatment choices and styles.

Our team of professionals is at your disposal for the selection or choice of your window treatments. Applying Designed luxury curtains & draperies for Windows is choosing the most innovative window treatments on the market. Open your house not only in the light, but also in the dark. Thus, we offer various luxury curtain packages, blinds, drapes, valances & window treatments for every type of windows.

Our products have not crossed half of the planet before arriving home.  They are designed and manufactured in California, USA. It is an eco-friendly and caring approach to your wallet.

The Custom-made window treatments

We are independent and this gives us the freedom to offer you tailor-made at the price of ready to install/hang.

You will find standard sizes as well as customized option for your curtains according to your interior design of the house and type of window, choice of fabric etc.

You are not sure of a match of size or color?

We offer samples to try at home before making your decision.

Because we are passionate, your projects of decoration or renewal of linens become ours and we try to answer them at best.

In order to extend your customer experience or simply introduce ourselves to you, we are pleased to welcome you online and wish you a good experience, just call us or schedule a free consultation. We are here to serve you.

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