Laguna CA Curtains

Laguna Ca Curtains

Who Are We?

Galaxy Design are committed to providing quality service and tailor-made products for each of its clients. Whether you are an individual or a company, we will always give the best of ourselves to carry out your project. Our products, employees and suppliers are carefully selected to ensure optimal results.

Welcome to the Galaxy Design Curtains in Laguna, California. We know absolutely everything about contemporary to classic in fact every types of curtains; therefore, we confidently declare: with us you will surely find a unique model that will allow you to transform your personal space beyond recognition. Down with the standard options that are sold in any market! We stand for originality in everything, because we independently sew for you such curtains that you will never see in other people.

Since almost 40 years back, thousands of satisfied customers have used our services. Contact us and explain us your needs, we will take care of giving life to your project.


We always offer a personalized service, based on a careful listening of our customers, to know their needs. We move home to deliver the step by step installation guide and give the best advice and ensure a quality installation on you own.


We put at your service more than 40 years of experience to offer you an optimal result. Our teams and suppliers are selected among the best professionals.

Turnkey service

Your time is precious. We accompany you in your choice of products, then we take care of the rest: measuring, making and installation.

Customizable solutions

For professionals, we offer tailor-made installations adapted to the needs of their offices or conference rooms.

About City

Laguna Beach is a tiny coastal town in California’s Orange County. It is known for its numerous galleries of art, coves and beaches. Main Beach has tide pools and a boardwalk that leads to neighboring Heisler Park’s trails and parks. A famous surf place is Aliso Beach Park. The waters are defined as an underwater park off Crystal Cove State Park. Trails in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park meander through coastal canyons.

Laguna Beach is a seaside resort town situated in the United States of America’s northern Orange County, California. It is known for a mild year-round climate, scenic coves, preservation of the environment, and a community of artists. The population was 22,723 in the 2010 census.

Laguna Niguel is a suburban town in Orange County, California, United States. Laguna Niguel is a suburban town in Orange County, California. The name Laguna Niguel comes from the words “Laguna” and “Niguili” (the name of a Native American town once situated close Aliso Creek). The population was 62,979 as of the 2010 census.

Laguna Beach is perhaps the least developed beach town in Orange County and one of its most beautiful. Created as a getaway for an artist, Laguna Beach retains its artistic passion with outstanding art galleries and fun summer arts festivals. You will also discover excellent atmosphere at the beach in Laguna.

If you’re a shopper, there’s plenty in Laguna Beach to keep you entertained. Clothing boutiques, jewelry shops, art galleries and shops selling ornamental products are packed on the roads. A few shirt shops mix in with souvenir shops, but they don’t dominate. The place on the coast lays the mood for romance. Galaxy design a pioneer in window treatments & curtains are also in the neighborhood.

Laguna Beach can keep you busy for a whole weekend as well. Especially if you go to the Masters Arts and Pageant Festival or the Sawdust Festival for the alternative art show.

Best Time to Go Laguna Beach is fantastic almost any time of year, but like most of California’s coastline is prone to “June Gloom,” when the sun may hesitate to come out for days to end like a cranky kid. It can get very crowded during the summer and particularly during the celebrations of the arts.

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