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Galaxy Design – Monthly Specials

At Galaxy Design we not only bring to you the best curtains, drapes, draperies, shades, custom shades and motorized curtains but also keep in my the budget of our customers. Thus we give special discounts, offers, and sales from time to time in order to make our products more attractive and affordable.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains & drapes are among the basic items used in all living spaces. The types of curtains that are effectively used to prevent visibility between two different usage areas are designed in different ways according to their usage areas. The curtain & drapes types that draw attention with their distinct designs can be used in an extremely functional manner in the living space, kitchen, bedroom, bath, office and multiple living regions. Due to their notable scope, the curtain designs at Galaxy Design give the user a broad variety of choices. The fabrics used are contemporary and useful. There is convenience and aesthetic presence in every room they are used. At Galaxy Design user demands are carried to the forefront in the stylish drapes & curtains models of the fresh season. In their functionality aspect, the curtains & drapes are indispensable for esthetic decoration as well as functional. Galaxy Design Curtains & Drapes give the convenience and stylish image the consumer wishes with their highly stylish designs.

Elegant Design

These curtain & drapes by us are provided to the customer with a broad range of choices, which are varied with distinct designs and colors. The stylish lines of architecture are efficient in altering the atmosphere of the region they are used in. With their fresh designs, these curtains, discovered in contemporary and stylish decoration works, create all attention & become a focal point wherever they are hung. At Galaxy Design we believe that small and elegant detail works have a huge impact on the curtains visually in the layout of these screens. Curtain hardware from Galaxy design offers a distinct and final appearance to the curtains. At Galaxy Design we have three main hardware collections namely Gem, Crystal & Classic collections. Manufacturing curtain is a creative method requiring a thorough strategy that enables us at Galaxy Design to produce our own drapes & curtains with unique information, components, and layout as per your requirements.

When selecting the types of curtain or drapes, the room’s functional objective must be taken into consideration. Therefore, window treatments & curtains in the room needs a more official design with the use of lambrequins or valances like in Galaxy Design window treatment collections, if you feel insecure when selecting colors, textures and building equipment, concentrate on the product you feel most satisfied with, use monochrome or any other color scheme suitable for your home. The texture also performs an important part in fabric selection. It decides on how a certain color will appear in a certain setting, so the room’s illumination should always be taken into consideration.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sale

The holiday season is here and in order to make your holidays more special we have come up with special discount offers, financing schemes, and attractive products in order to suit all your needs. You can save up to 20% on our all elegant drapery packages. Each month we try to bring you a special offer so that you may take advantage of our products and save. Depending on the sale amount you can save up to $1200.

Below is the table showing the saving scale depending on the amount of your purchase:

Sale Amount

Discount %

Amount Of Savings































The table above clearly depicts some of the best discounts offers given by Galaxy Design on the holiday sale. So what are you waiting for? Give a call on 866-215-3173 and grab them right now and save up to a hooping 20% on your purchase.

Exciting Finance Schemes

When you buy from us you have the option to get your drapery project financed by us. We offer 12 months differed interest financing so that you have no pinching in the pocket and decorate your home or office as per your wish. On a minimum purchase of $2500, you can avail 6 months no interest scheme where you don’t have to make any interest payment and we will pay your interest for the next 6 months. If you plan to purchase more than $8500 we have another exciting scheme for you where you won’t have to make any payment or interest up to 12 months and we will make the payment for you for the next 6 months as well. You can also get your purchase financed by Synchrony Financial and enjoy complete peace of mind.