A gorgeous piece of window will often stand on its own, but when a piece of nicely customized curtains and draperies are added to it, it can give a lot better aesthetics to the space. Buying the exact drapery or curtain sets can be seriously difficult at times and can even be a time-consuming process. There are many people out there who put off the decision of buying curtains for a long time as because they don’t know where to start with. Several factors have to be kept in mind such as lengths, styles, rods, pelmets, fabrics, pleats, and valences, while you are planning to put curtains over your windows. Much far from a regular afterthought, draperies and curtains add a frame to a window, give length to your room, adds a wow factor, and even gives a finishing touch while tying a room together. In order to help you with your window draperies, we have got some innovative ideas that can help you make your personal space look better.

Curtain Headings For Your Home Window

  • Rod Pocket: Rod pocket is the most basic heading style for your home windows. This is done to create a pocket when the curtain fabric is turned back and feeds the curtain rod. The curtain rod then fits through the gaping made on the curtain fabric. This method of hanging the curtains allows it to gather in one place. Although it looks decorative, it might not be that much functional mainly due to its difficulty in sliding the curtains all through the railings.
  • Eyelet: These curtains can only be used with the help of curtain poles. They generally give a contemporary look along with a nice industrial touch to it. Draperies and curtains with eyelet heading generally gives an even, large and natural soft folds.
  • Curtain Rings: Curtain rings are a very popular choice among many. In this technique, curtains are generally attached to the rings with the help of certain small hooks. Those rings are then slipped over the curtain rod. This technique is very much durable and practical in nature. Over here the curtains can easily be removed and replaced when needed.
  • Goblet Pleat: The Goblet pleat technique is a traditional and a formal way of hanging curtains. They look just perfect especially on the Georgian, Victorian, or other types of homes that have very high ceilings. Over the top, these curtains have a cylindrical type of cuff that generally resembles a glass of wine. The main pleat of these draperies are either interlined or filled with wadding. These curtain types can be seen mostly on some traditional or grand spaces.
  • Tailored Pinch Pleat: The pinch pleated curtains generally comprise of a group of several pleats. They are mostly placed in an even way all along the curtains in order to create a formal heading. These curtain types stack very nicely to one another and are ideal to be used in a lounge or on a formal dining space.
  • Pencil Pleat: Elegant and contemporary, pencil pleats generally consist of tight long folds especially from the top part of the curtains. These neat and tidy consistent folds show resemblance to the size of a pencil and hence it got its name.

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