Scroll Panels

Scroll Pannel

Elegant Drapery Packages

Galaxy Design’s every application is a DIY, which means you need no experts to hang the Elegant Drapery Packages. The Scroll Panels are one of our distinct collections. They use high-quality fabric that is easy to use, light, durable, and environment-friendly. The panels slide easily onto the curtain rod, being fashionable and functional at the same time. 

You can particularly apply them in your bedrooms, living rooms, kids’ rooms, and even on patio glass. The unique décor dims the lighting and gives you subtle privacy helping you do various indoor activities during the day. 

Your accommodation comforts always rise when you have an elegant room décor. Our scroll panels enhance the look of your room, giving your window treatment a befitting home furnishing element. People who love to layer their window coverings can also use the scroll panels to be enchanting on their casements. 

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