Unique Drapery Hardware Included With Every Elegant Drapery Package

We never want to compromise the quality of the products

We handle each item one at the time

We primer them to make sure that hardware hold its paint, this is how we can offer lifetime warranty, we know that each item is going to make a difference in the way the window treatments look, so we pay a lot of attention to the details of each product.

The assembly of the product is very important and consist of many steps

Each item is painted first and dried Each package goes through a 7 steps quality control that make sure that all orders contains color screws.

Each item is dried and sealed to make sure that the paint won’t chip.

All the hardware are inspected for colors consistency before they are packaged in plastic bag till they get to the next destination for final touches

Swarovski Crystal Elements

The items that are being embellished with Swarovski elements will then go to our crystal application department where our expert stone setter apply and sent crystal stones in a detailed order. Upon completion then they are checked again to make sure that crystal are adhere secure before final packaging. 

Packaging and Handling

The packaging is done by cutting out the foam to make sure that all items are fitted and don’t move around during the travel before getting to the destination.


Once your package have been inspected and gone through our quality control deportment then packages are send out through UPS.  All packages are insured for damage or lost packages. 

Rest assured that we will do all that is possible to be sure that you get the most elegant drapery packages you ordered.



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We stand behind our products