Drapes and Curtains

Regardless of whether your searching for classical, elegance, contemporary inspired, chic or a modern feel, elegant curtains provide a lasting impression on each room. In addition to the exciting and endless visual opportunities they offer, there are many practical reasons which make luxury curtains a wise choice.

Elegant curtains give incredible light control, protection and diminish outside noise levels, enabling you to easily and viably control your condition which depends upon the event and your state of mind.

Electric curtains being a best new type and excellent choice among other window treatments at improving your home’s protection, Electric Curtains can preserve up to 20% of the all heat in your home.

Picking the Window treatment is vital in choosing what luxury curtains style is going to be suitable for you. Each heading offers an alternate look and can change the whole outlook of the space.

Motorized curtains are available on many items throughout Galaxy design.

We offer you the ability to control your Drapes and Blinds individually, as a group or at one time, from a small remote controller.

The best thing about motorized curtains is that you can choose from WALL MOUNTED CONTROL UNIT or HANDHELD REMOTE to open, close, raise, lower, tilt or direct your Window Covers.

Advantages of Motorized Curtains:

  • Affordable and simple to utilize
  • Available on a wide scope of items
  • Eliminates unattractive chains and ropes to make a flawless and streamlined look
  • Allows the task of high or hard to achieve windows
  • No rope, chord or chains and thus they are child safe
  • Works well with Home automation systems.

We consult, design, craft and deliver.