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We all want our home to look beautiful and classy. Isn’t it? And what can be more beautiful than nice and decorative curtains and shades which enhances the overall looks and make our room gorgeous? Welcome to Galaxy Design the perfect and one-stop solution for all your home decorations. Her you will get everything you need from drapes to curtains, blinds to shades, window treatments, motorized curtains, motorized shades, solar shades and many more. There is no more need to look here and there in search of different products as you have come to the perfect place for decorating your house. So let’s wait no more and dive into this wonderful world of housing decoration and find out what’s in store for us.

The refinement and elegance brought to every corner of the home by the Galaxy Design curtain collection are particularly enhanced by its graceful, elegant designs, while extraordinary combinations of sheer and drapery fabric colors and patterns enable the personalization of living spaces. The custom drapery enables you to subtly emphasize the beauty of your furnishings with your own mixes of superior quality and beautifully patterned and painted ornamental pillow and throw and runner accessories.

You will get every type of drapes and curtain as per your choice and you will be surprised by the sheer variety and options that you will get at the time of purchase. Another wonderful fact is that Galaxy Design has its service and distribution network all across the USA and thus you do not have to worry about getting the products delivered at your doorstep. Some of the best products designed by the company are mentioned below:

Custom Curtains

Custom curtains are made in a special way keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. Hand-made custom curtains and drapes are crafted from luxury fabrics in a wide range of styles to fit your décor. Whether it is for an elegant dining room or casual kitchen, custom drapery is a decorative fix for light control and can easily be layered with blinds and shades to create stylish looks. All custom drapes available on Galaxy Design are custom made to your exact measurements and specifications so you can get the fitted look that fits perfectly right for your window. Add custom-made fabric valances and a cornice board for character and a finished look. You will notice the difference with custom curtains.

Custom Drapes

Custom drapes are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Turn your window into a decorative centerpiece with custom drapes. With beautiful fabrics and styles, you can find the perfect window treatment for your personal style, be it modern, traditional, eclectic, shabby chic, casual or formal. You can choose any combination of fabric and drape style, including pleated, grommet or rod pocket. Many of the drapes available coordinate beautifully with roman shades and roller shades and all of them are available with us. Owning a house or an apartment in the US requires that it’s furnished to taste. From the furniture down to the carpet and curtains that are used should all blend in to give your house that cozy and beautiful look! Furniture and carpets might be a no brainer at times but choosing the right curtain to match the painting sometimes is quite a tough nut to crack. Hence to know which curtains look best with your surroundings, you might require the services of a seasoned interior designer. This is where galaxy design excels. When in doubt of the uniqueness of your choice of drapes, you can request to be connected to an experienced interior designer who would contact you to give expert advice on the best drapes and curtains to fit your house.

Drapery Hardware

Picking the right drapery hardware and ornamental accessories will complete the outlook of your window draperies. Adding a decorative element to your overall decor empowers you to make them really exceptional and to choose something that reflects your own style and aura of the space. These days there is a huge variety of drapery hardware that is available in markets from Tiebacks, hooks, and Holdbacks to finials and rings. They enhance a room by adding a beautiful finishing touch to your window draperies, just as including a functional component, like holding your draperies in the middle or to the side. We uniquely design Tie Backs in various shapes, sizes, and styles. You can choose from our classic, crystal and Gem collections of drapery hardware. Choose and design your very own by picking the color, texture, style, size,and trims. Hold Backs are made of metal and are mounted to the dividers alongside the windows to keep down the texture. Including a classic, Gem or crystal metallic hold back can add a contemporary and luxurious touch to your Window draperies. These ornamental and functional accessories complete the look and furthermore enable you to include a decorative element to your space.

Drapery Valances

Drapery valances are effective and relatively inexpensive window treatments that add richness and style to any living space. Valances can be layered over drapery, curtain or shades to conceal the hardware of the under treatment, or they can stand alone to enhance the scale of the window and offer softness and color. There are hundreds of valance styles. The two main style categories are rod mounted and board mounted. Within each group, variations include shirring, pleats, and swags with plain and patterned fabrics as well as fringe and other trims.

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