Canada Custom Drapes & Curtains

Canada Custom drapes & Curtains

Canada is one of the finest countries in the world. Having its border with the US it is one of the closest neighbors. This country is full of beautiful places and the people are extremely nice in providing a warm welcome to everybody who visits there. Thus we Galaxy Design have expanded our business to this beautiful country so that we can provide all the solutions to your home decoration needs.

Our Products

  • Custom Curtains: Custom curtains are made in a special way keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. Hand-made custom curtains and drapes are crafted from luxury fabrics in a wide range of styles to fit your décor. Whether it is for an elegant dining room or casual kitchen, custom drapery is decorative fix for light control and can easily be layered with blinds and shades to create stylish looks. All custom drapes available on Galaxy Design are custom made to your exact measurements and specifications so you can get the fitted look that fits perfectly right for your window. Add custom-made fabric valances and a cornice board for character and a finished look. You will notice the difference with a custom curtains.
  • Custom Drapes: Custom drapes are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Turn your window into a decorative centerpiece with custom drapes. With beautiful fabrics and styles, you can find the perfect window treatment for your personal style, be it modern, traditional, eclectic, shabby chic, casual or formal. You can choose any combination of fabric and drape style, including pleated, grommet or rod pocket. Many of the drapes available coordinate beautifully with roman shades and roller shades and all of them are available with us.

So what are you waiting for? We are now in Canada too. Simply contact us and get the best decoration for your house.

Who Are We?

We (Galaxy Design) began 40 years ago, first, in the furniture industry of our kind, all in one customizable wardrobe and drapery solution. In the home textiles industry, we always strive to be different, being the biggest, always giving the best output, effectiveness and, most importantly, the highest value.

In terms of visuality and comfort as well as privacy, curtains are very important. Curtains, drapes & Venetian blinds are the most practically preferred window replacements. Used generally in branches and organizations, it can be manually guided. It’s got a very distinct color variety. Our covers and draperies are also esthetically pleasing. Galaxy Design panels can be customized for your window sort and style based on the area you are using. We offer curtain packages on our website at Galaxy Design, where you can choose from our website and call us to continue with the operation.

Why Choose US?

  • You don’t have to leave your house, go shopping without wandering around the store, the curtain service at home is a new advertising curtain service.
  • It is cost-effective and fast as it eliminates merchandising costs and additional costs.
  • Which can be accomplished by a single phone call, direct you to the nearest region and arrive at your email free of charge with a qualified and useful service that includes a step-by-step setup manual.
  • Our interactive portal allows you to find the curtain that suits your requirements with thousands of colors and unique curtain patterns for your home.
  • Your order will be delivered to the specified email once you decide on your curtain.
  • Promising the most cost-effective delivery with a cost-cutting system of quality and branded products, Galaxy Design offers you with a service that will provide you with the best unconditionally available service without wasting your valuable time.
  • We carry out our job on moment and timeliness is our slogan, use the method to the end and ensure full fulfillment, is a service that guides you to choose the most suitable clothes for your house and office decoration.

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